Fees and Equipment

Here at Bromley Fencing Club the fee is £110 per term for juniors and  adults or £10 per week. Terms are between 10 and 14 weeks

For two members from the same family there is a discounted rate and for three there is a further saving (get in touch)

Equipment ranges from £27 for a glove to £100 for a mask but everything is available to borrow and you can build up personal kit a piece at a time.

For electric fencing breeches are compulsory in competitions and the trend is to make it compulsory at club level for safety reasons.

There are a range of suppliers to choose from and a second hand market. The kit makes great birthday and Christmas presents!

Always take advice from a coach before buying as there are complex rules about weapons sizes and clothing requirements for different ages and safety regulations, particularly if buying 2nd hand online.

The general guideline is to buy cheap ‘whites’ (esp for growing children) and the best blade you can afford. These range from £60 to £120.

Here are some popular suppliers:

Leon Paul Equipment (specialises in high end quality clothing)
Allstar-Uhlmann (top end fencing kit)
PBT-UK (Good quality and good value starter kit for children)
Sword Price Fighters (bargain prices)